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Professional Gutter Cleaning/Clearing Services in Southend-on-Sea, Essex

At BC Cleaning services we use the latest cleaning technology and up-to-date gutter vacuuming equipment.

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Why we’re the obvious choice to clean your gutters:

  • We use the latest gutter cleaning technology available.
  • No ladders required thanks to our camera technology.
  • No ladders reduces the risk of damage to your property.
  • We can clean gutters from the floor, up to 40ft high.
  • Our vacuum cylinders catch all the dirt and debris.
  • We can clean schools, offices, pubs, restaurants and flats.
  • We meet all health and safety requirements.
  • Full public liability insurance up to £2,000,000.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or requirements.

We have the latest and safest gutter cleaning equipment…

Gutters are often hard to reach and clean, especially when sited above a conservatory. Failing to maintain them can lead to blocked gutters and downpipes, which in turn, causes other problems, such as damp and structural damage.

We provide a high-reach gutter cleaning service using the latest equipment – the Gutter Vac. This 3000 watt, wet vaccum can suck gutters clean from the floor, up to 40ft high. It contains all the debris in its large cylinder, so is completely mess-free. We will dispose of all waste in the correct way.

Using this system we can clean schools, offices, pubs, restaurants and flats, and reach the most difficult gutters that may have not been cleared for years, or even ever!

This is definitely the safest way to carry out gutter cleaning as this is ladder-free and 99% risk-free.

Why it’s important to keep your gutters clear of dirt, weeds and debris…

If dirt and debris such as dead leaves and twigs collect in your gutters, moss, grasses and weeds can grow in the damp gullies and cause blockages, preventing rain water from draining away properly.

If the water is unable to drain away, it will take the easiest route to escape – by overflowing – and may eventually result in damp problems to the interior of your home.

This can be a serious issue, as many insurance companies often refuse to pay out on what is just a lack of simple maintenance. Exterior walls dry out but extensive repairs may be required if the damp permeates through to your plaster, paint and flooring.

With our high-reach equipment, keeping your property problem-free is quick, easy and very affordable, so while we clear your gutters, why not have all of your uPVC, fascias and soffits cleaned at the same time at our excellent, discounted rate? We can also provide a full maintenance schedule to suit your requirements and budget.

At BC Cleaning Services we very rarely use ladders, minimising the risk to our staff and your property. Our high-reach cleaning equipment is the safest way to carry out the work.

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